Who we are

We are a young, vibrant manufacturing company living the philosophy of Innovation in the dynamic fields of Industrial Automation and Robotics. In our 10 + years of pan India operation, we have made a name for ourselves by providing innovative, customised and technologically advanced, cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Strong fundamentals, sound technical knowhow, impeccable business ethics and a customer-centric approach are the pillars of our business.

What we do

We offer turnkey solutions from Designing to Commissioning of complex systems for Defence/PSUs, Industrial Automation and the Agricultural sectors. With our focus on developing technologies of the future, we have experienced consistent growth and have delivered some of the most pathbreaking solutions to our customers.

What we believe in

We believe in excellence and delivering world-class products and services within the timelines and at competitive prices. While we are grateful to our clients for driving us to continuously enhance our capabilities, we also respect our competitors for being catalysts in our growth journey. We are inspired by the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ and  ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ programs.


To be an innovative and trustworthy solution provider in Defence, Industrial and Agricultural Automation and Robotics and to continuously contribute to the development of indigenous technology to do our bit towards the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ programs of the Indian government.

Our Values

Our values are imbibed in our organization’s DNA and form the guidelines that we adhere to with zero tolerance.

To constantly aim to achieve higher than the standards set for ourselves.


To operate with complete understanding, and take responsibility for projects, people and processes.


To adhere to commitments at all costs.


To work collaboratively with others and create win-win situations for all stakeholders.


To carry out our duties and to also go beyond the call of duty for the success of our country, the community and our stakeholders.


To constantly aim at improving procedures, lowering costs, and increasing quality to add value to our projects.

Our Quality Philosophy

Create. Enhance. Sustain.


Prasad Deshpande

An Engineering graduate in the Electrical stream, Prasad has over 25 years of experience in turnkey projects in Robotics & Industrial Automation. An accomplished management professional with extensive leadership experience in multinational organizations, he has a good understanding of blending profitable business models with cutting-edge technologies. He keeps Team MIIR up-to-date with skills and technology relevant to Defence Product Manufacturing, High Explosive & Hazardous Material Handling Automation, Automotive Manufacturing Automation, Armoured Vehicles Spares Manufacturing, Port Handling Equipment and Marine Applications.

Revati Deshpande

Revati is a graduate in Mathematics and has over 12 years of experience in handling finance, audits, commercial, and regulatory matters. She is the coach and the strength behind Team MIIR. Responsible for making MIIR a great place to work, Revati heads the HR function in the company and looks after employee engagement, talent retention and also heads the CSR department of the company.

Amit Deshpande

With a Masters degree in Finance, Amit has over 17 years of experience in Corporate Finance, straddling leadership and entrepreneurial roles. In his long service in the marketing and finance sectors, he has developed expertise in varied areas such as Defence, Strategic Training and Finance, Retail Banking, Human Resources, as well as extensive experience in planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy.

The Story of MII Robotics

After a successful stint in Sales and Marketing, Prasad Deshpande decided to set up his own sales and marketing company in 2011 by the name – ARMS – Automation & Robotics Marketing Solutions. He was supported by his wife, Revati Deshpande.
A marketing company that worked in the field of engineering project management was a new concept when most companies had their sales and marketing departments in-house. The reason behind the success of ARMS was that its team was technically sound, understood the concerns of the client and designed cost-effective solutions to address them. The company successfully completed turnkey projects that benefited the end client commercially and were important from the point of view of national security.
Till then, ARMS was catering to a specific segment in Industrial Automation. Gradually, ARMS also came up with its own solutions for clients and decided to begin its own manufacturing. Greatly inspired by the Make in India program, the name of the company was changed to include the first three alphabets of the program and the company was renamed Mechanised Industrial Innovation or MII Robotics. In 2017, MII Robotics became a private limited company.

Partners in Our CLIENTS’ SUCCESS

The philosophy of MII Robotics is based on the thought process of Edwin Barnes as mentioned in the bestseller book – Think and Grow Rich. Just as Barnes desired to work with Edison and not for him, we too had till then been working for OEMs, but now, we decided that we would work with them.
Today, we operate not as a vendor or a service provider but as a partner of our clients. Our association with them involves going beyond the call of duty to ensure that they get the best possible outcome from every project. From the concept to the prototyping to the commissioning and after-sales support, our customers trust us to look after their best interests.


Technologically sound team with expertise in Critical Project Management

Thirst for excellence

Risk-taking ability

Innovative solution provider of cost-effective solutions due to value added engineering

Committed, timely deliverables with extra features

After sales service(s) with regular checks and updates to end user/customer

Equipment/Plant standardization with documentation & validation process

Online service and support network

Financial value added service with various govt. schemes for customers

MII Robotics as a Mentor and Advisor to the Industry

We are trusted for our technical knowledge and sound advice and our clients consult us for their challenging projects. With extensive experience in complex automation, we act as mentors and guide those who are starting out in this field. We believe in knowledge sharing and undertake it seriously as this will help make our country technologically strong and advanced.
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